Chakras & The Fetus



The spine is one of the first things to develop in the fetus along with the legs, arms, face, eyes, and heart. Since the chakra system is situated in the spine, it makes sense to take the time to look at the chakra system of the fetus and see how it effects the development of the child.

During the first two months in the womb a child’s chakra system begins to develop. Your developing child at this stage is so connected with the life force energy that the chakras are still fused together under one energy field. Essentially your child is at a oneness with the universe, this is a state that we as adults are striving to get to. The unconditional love is vital for the child.

 As the fetus becomes an embryo, the body organs began to become differentiated, blood cells and hormones are forming and the baby continues to develop. The chakras also become differentiated. the crown chakra is the first to become active. The development of the child brings he/she closer to the material world even though they are still immersed in the world of spirit. Meditation is a good way for the mother to support the development of the infants crown chakra.

On a physical level, in the fourth month the child’s face, eyelids, nose and lips are noticeable and the fetus become animated and begins to make motions with the hands. The baby can also smell. At this point the first eye (third eye or forehead) chakra becomes active meaning that beginning development of higher mental functions. The child’s development is now approaching the world of the mind which it will enter at birth. Mommy can nurture the first eye of her child by reading and speaking with her child on a mental level.

While no major physical changes happen to the fetus during the fifth month, it is still very important. The organs of the fetus begin to assume the form required for development and the inner structure is better defined. The child can perceive light and smell through the belly of the mom. During this time the throat chakra becomes active and so does the child’s ability to communicate on all levels as the child can see, hear and sense the outside world. The mother becomes more aware of the babies movements.  Speaking to the child, playing music and using light to stimulate awareness are some of the ways mommy and daddy can communicate and nurture the child’s development.

in the sixth month the baby can be up to 16 inches long and assumes the fetal position and is more constricted by the moms body. The heart chakra begins to develop and with it the power of love. Love begins to reside in the human heart and the child begins to communicate on a metal level with its environment . The brain is not yet fully developed so it does not sufficient to grasp the logical information but the feeling is strong enough to leave its imprint. The communication of love from mom can deepen the child’s sense of security and is also nourishment to the child. The mom should be surrounded by loving and supportive people. Play music that is calming and corresponds with the mother’s heartbeat.

The life force energy in your baby gets stronger in the seventh month as the child has a growth spurt. The solar plexus chakra begins to develop and the child is fully in the physical world. It has a sense of self, it’s strength and the emotions are set. It has also developed the capacity to control it’s life force energy which is evident by the fact that the childs activity is increased and can sometime affect the mother. This stage of the development is vital because it influences self-confidence and the opportunity for success. Mommy can use this time to begin to understand the new life she is bringing into the world by paying attention to his/her movement and responding to them (talking with the child).

Sexual organs begin become fully developed in the eighth month. At this point the sacral chakra begins to awaken and will have a great impact on the child’s later sexuality which is mirrored in it’s physical development. Other impulses come into play meaning the creative and artistic expressions along with the ability to transmit healing energy. This phase had a great effect on a healthy bodily awareness and the ability to enjoy life. Mom needs to encourage and engate in creative activities during this period. Writing, painting and paying music are all ways to transmit that energy to the baby. It does not matter if you are a Monet, what does matter is are the creative impulses that are transmitted to the baby.

Nine months have gone by and your baby has gone through a lot of growth on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. the child is ready to emerge from the safety of the mommy’s womb. At this point the baby is developing fat and gaining weight. The child begins to do his/her part to prepare for the birthing process by changing the position and placing the head in the birth canal. The root chakra becomes active at this point as the child becomes ready for the material world . the energy of the fetus is ready to begin life in the world outside of the mothers womb. The root chakra is the focus during the first year of development. It relates to the survival needs, will to live, and sense of trust. Children with enough root chakra energy will be less prone to illness and have a stronger chance for survival.  Moms happiness and sense of security during this time will have a profound impact on the child’s root chakra. Mom needs to focus on the child and the strengthening of the root chakra will be develop in mom and child.

Reference: A Handbook of Chakra Healing by Kalashatra Govinda

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  1. Shelette
    May 12, 2009 @ 01:23:14

    Greetings, Love the input here sista…
    Many can’t imagine the vibes created through the birth canal, the gift of motherhood, is the first true awakening to womanhood, balancing the body takes work…


    • nutamunet
      May 12, 2009 @ 01:38:48

      Dua! Give thanks for taking the time to read the post. I will be doing a follow up very soon in reference to the Early Childhood Development and chakras. It this it is very imporant for us to understand all aspects of our childs development.


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